About Us

Jam Inns Cocktails & Chocolate

We have the facility to host the Cocktail or Chocolate classes in the privacy of your own home, holiday rental or workplace.Jam Inns specialise in FUN interactive mobile Cocktail & Chocolate classes across the UK, from shaking up a Cosmopolitan to making hand rolled Belgium truffles our professional trainers are experts in not only cocktails & chocolate themselves but importantly professionally trained in delivering a fun experience to our guests.

Jam Inns Ice Delivery

Jam Inns Ice Delivery is the largest ice production facility & local ice supplier in the South West of the UK. We supply ice to bars, nightclubs, restaurants, events, weddings, private parties, airports, festivals, supermarkets, fish mongers.

Our Story

In The Beginning – 2003
Jam Inns was set up in 2003 on Hamilton Island a privately owned island on the Great Barrier Reef as a Cocktail Training School to train bartenders in the art of mixology (making cocktails) and flair bartending (throwing bottles around). The training school was born & was run 2 days a week on the beach on the idilic island paradise of Hamilton Island.

Our European Launch – 2005
Jam Inns then set up in Europe in the Greek Islands and was based, and still is today, in Bristol in the UK. The launch in Bristol in 2005 hit the front pages of the Bristol Evening Post and was a feature on ITV. Over the summer seasons we helped young people in the UK train to work overseas on holiday resorts working & living away for summer seasons & giving them the skills required to work abroad.

Our Move from industry training to entertainment classes for all – 2005
2005 saw probably the biggest change for our business as we moved from training industry professionals to opening our doors to offer the general public the chance to learn how to shake up cocktails themselves in workplaces or at home. This was our entry to the corporate team building market & our move in to the always exciting hen party entertainment sector.

Things are getting serious – 2008
During 2008 the business changed quite significantly with the introduction of a full-time event team & new offices in Bristol.

Growing our business – 2009 – 2010
During 2009 & 2010 our business went from strength to strength with bookings increasing from 2009 – 2010 by 500% from 2009 – 2010.

Another year of big changes & new launches – 2011
During 2011 our business saw another year of increased growth forcing us to again relocated our business in to larger premises in Bristol.
2011 also saw the creation of Jam Inns Ice Delivery, starting as just a very small ice supplier to now becoming the largest ice production facility & ice delivery company in the South West. Our client list includes nearly all festivals in the South West, wedding venues, private parties, bars, restaurants, fishmongers, airports & local, national & international coffee chains.

The year we ate our body weight in chocolate all in the aid of research – 2012
During 2012 our office team were working on launching something new & fun in to the mobile entertainments market. We spent 2012 eating chocolate…lots of chocolate & developing a new class to our events programme & Jam Inns Chocolate Classes were launched.

Head Office expansion – 2013
During 2013 everything area of the business was increasing, the cocktail classes growing at a significant rate, our chocolate classes were up & running & our ice delivery business went through a 6 week summer heatwave where our summer ice programme became a 24/7 operation during the summer to cope with huge increases in demand. During 2013 the offices next to our current offices also became available so we secured these & doubled the size of our head office site in Bristol.

The re-branding & launch of Jam Inns new website – 2014
Since 2003 our company name has been Jaminns this is stands for James Alex Maloney Inns (pubs, bars, lodgings providing food & drink). Over the years we’d now launched cocktail classes, chocolate classes & ice delivery all on separate websites showcasing each individual part of the business, during 2014 we launched our new website & re-branded the company to split the ‘Jam’ & the ‘Inns’ to our new site www.jam-inns.co.uk.
2014 has once again been a hugely successful year for Jam Inns, all the areas of our business have grown & we continue every month to grow in not just our client base but our new product innovation & development.
2014 has also seen the very exciting launch of our cocktail shaker kits for sale, these kits have been a few years in the planning & design stage & we’re very proud be able to now offer this cocktail shaker kit, currently on launch the ONLY Boston cocktail shaker kit of it’s type in the UK retail market. CLICK HERE to see our kit.

New Jam Inns Warehouse Quadruples ice capacity – 2015
Once again we’ve found ourselves outgrowing our Bristol head office & during February 2015 we moved to a new large warehouse which has significantly increased our space. Internally this has meant we’ve been able to increase machinery within the warehouse & it’s allowed us to quadruple our production capacity for ice at our main site.

Hydro Carbon Technologies Green Ice – 2015
Green ice? can we really be producing Green ice? not quite, but during the expansion of our warehouse for 2015 we’ve installed new machinery which rather than using industry standard CFC refrigerants uses new Hydro Carbon technologies which are better for the environment & uses less energy & water. Our Green plans are to have almost all our machinery & production using Hydro Carbons by 2020. Currently we are now running 65% of our ice production using Hydro Carbons. The cost involved in the conversions are substantial so our Green future will evolve in stages over the next 5 years to hopefully achieve our end goal of having the first fully Hydro Carbon Ice Plant in the UK.

Cocktail & Chocolate Classes Large Increases in Mid Week Events – 2016

A really huge noticable change has accured in the Hen Party market with more & more Hen Parties choosing mid-week breaks. This appears to be happening because it's becoming increasingly difficult to book the perfect accommdation & activities on limited weekend dates. This has meant a very large increase in our Monday – Thursday Hen Party classes this year. It does seem to make sense as we typically can book out many weekends up to a year ahead so this has meant more & more Hen Party groups can choose not just the activities they want but a larger selection of available accommodation which looks to of had quite an appeal for many groups.

Festival Season the biggest yet for Jam Inns Ice – 2016

As the summer has drawn to a close it's been by far the busiest summer season Jam Inns Ice has had. With record temperatures in the South West over the summer & other than the first few days of Glastonbury almost every event hit gold with the weather, Jam Inns Ice has been down to a single cube of ice in the factory on every weekend of summer from May – end of September during 2016. Due to some major contracts with supermarkets this summer, 2016 has broken records every month of summer.