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Being part of the Jam Inns team is not your normal bar or kitchen job & as such we don't look for your 'normal’ bartender / chef. We have an extensive training programme for staff at all levels, it doesn’t matter if your an experienced cocktail pro with decades of worldly experience or fairly new to the scene. We are a training company ourselves so if there’s one thing we know something about…. it’s training people & that starts with our own dream team. All our events are mobile events hosted at clients venues UK wide. Our offices are based in Bristol & we travel to events so a driving licence is an essential part of the job. All our team are not only experts at what they do they are entertainers & will make sure events are not only educational but also a whole lot of fun. We are always interested in hearing from new talent who may wish to join our team. A number of our event team are high level management in the hospitality trade, some do GM, Opps or Area Management roles & choose to work for us on a part time basis to keep the fun that their day to day jobs can't provide any more. 'As most managers know in the hospitality trade, we all join the industry at the bottom & love the entertainment & fun that working on the bar provides. As we move further up the corporate ladder into office based roles & higher management duties we seem to detach ourselves from the reason we joined in the first place. I personally love hosting the Cocktail Classes & try to host as many as I can along with the team. I could confidently say we are among the highest paying event companies in the UK for our staff, but if it's the money your joining for your not the right person. We do the job because we love it & it's really that simple’. James Maloney - Director

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