Cocktail Making Classes for Corporate Team Building


Some of the companies we've worked with...

Jam Inns Cocktail Training caters for groups from 6 - 500 guests for Cocktail Making Classes. We have been hosting classes since 2003, and in the UK our Corporate Team Building Cocktail Classes have been entertaining guests since 2005. We’ve worked with thousands of corporate clients over the years to deliver fun & interactive team building events where guests get the opportunity to bond over an activity outside of a normal work environment but in a fun & controlled hands on learning experience.

Why Book A Cocktail Class At Work?

Our typical corporate clients will either be booking us to come to there workplace & host a class in the office where we bring along our mobile bar set-up or where clients have booked meetings & training events for there staff & want to spice it up with a fun activity at the end of the day.

All employers want there teams to bond & all employers know taking there team away from the normal day to day workflow helps to bond employees over more than just day to day tasks. Workplace productivity is proven to be increased with a happy workforce & that’s why companies invest in rewarding there team in 'controlled activities'.

A number of our London based clients book Cocktail Classes with us for there client engagement evenings where they will invite clients to come to meet the team & it’s a fantastic way to engage with your clients without having to directly talk shop.


Our Packages: